2020 NEW YEAR GALA

    Time:   Jan 3, 2020

    2020 NEW YEAR GALA

    (Correspondent Liu Ding) In order topromote mutual understanding and cultural exchanges among foreign students, Schoolof International Education held the “2020 New Year Gala” on the afternoon ofDecember 26 in Wuchang campus. Vice President Zhang Yanduo attended the party.The heads of relevant functional departments, college leaders and teachers, andmore than 50 international students from more than 20 countries and regions participatedin the event.

      The performances were colorful and splendid, includingfolk songs and dances, Chinese songs, trumpet performances, guitar playing, andother forms, which brought a festive atmosphere to the audience and guests atthe gala.


    During the scholarship awarding process,leaders and teachers of various functional departments of WIT respectivelyawarded honorary certificates for various grades of scholarships. Maxwell delivered a speech as a student representative. He introduced his experience and insightsin learning and cultural activities in WIT, expressed his gratitude to theteachers of SIT, and encouraged freshmen to study hard and actively participatein the activities.

       This gala made the international studentswho are far away from their hometown and studying in China feel the warmth andenthusiasm of the big family of SIE.

    The Gala is not only the beginning of thenew year, but also a new chapter in the work of international students in ourschool.

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